The recent programs that were offered this past Chanukah to the special children of Project Refuah were warmly welcomed and eagerly received.

Chanukah is a joyous time, with get-togethers and school vacation that can impose on a family’s schedule. Often, it is difficult to find a way to keep children occupied during the long days when there is no school. To that end, Project Refuah organized two full day Chanukah Extravaganzas: an event for boys on Thursday, December 26 and an event for girls on Sunday, December 29. 

The events were impressively planned and organized by Program Director Simcha Binem Meyer, who created a program that effectively kept the children safe, occupied, and stimulated. Transportation both ways and a delicious hot lunch and dinner that catered to every child’s specific dietary requirements, ensured that this respite to the parents was all-inclusive. Activities included but were not limited to exercise, song and dance, interactive shows and crafts projects. The goal – to provide an atmosphere of happiness and stimulation – was reached and exceeded on both days.

A special mention must be made of our dedicated volunteers who went out of their way to assist in every possible way to ensure the success of the event. While there was a volunteer assigned to each child, certain people stepped up to help coordinate the details and Project Refuah expresses its gratitude to Pinchas Seidel at the boys’ extravaganza and Sury Meyer, Bracha Banet and Ruchy Lefkowitz at the girls’ party. 

Unsurprisingly, the feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive: for the respite, for the many extra details our coordinators and volunteers attended to in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment for each child, and the happiness glowing on each child’s face as he or she arrived home. As usual, parents had one request: “When is Project Refuah going to make another respite program?!” B’ezras Hashem, we hope to be able to answer their requests very soon!!





Project Refuah