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Rabbi Israel Meir Lau,

Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv

“Each year,Project Refuah runs several retreats named Camp Werdiger after its patron R’Shlomo Werdiger. They take the kids out for a few days of fun and attractions with a wonderful staff of devoted volunteers thus allowing their families to take a break and renew their energy…The directors, staff and volunteers in this worthy organization deserve every bit of praise.”

Gidon Shalom,

Senior Vice President of Welfare Ministry” s Disability Services Department

I feel privileged to partner and we”ll continue standing at your side whether it’s the amount of respite days allocated or programming days. I extend my wishes to you that you see a lot of success, good deeds and positive action here.

Shmuel Weinglass,

Director of Bitauch Leumis Disability Services Fund

“They can bring their child here to the Respite Home. There’s double value. The family can take a break and give time to their other children. In addition, the children here receive a lot of love, support and social interaction.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt” l

Sephardic Chief Rabbi OBM

“I highly endorse the organization Project Refuah which arranges for volunteers to help children who are called special in the form of Shabbatons, camps, holidays. They take care of them with tremendous devotion and thus allow the parents to rest up. Fortunate is their lot and as our sages tell us ‘He who saves one life it is as if he has saved an entire world.”


Rabbi Yaakov Litzman,

Health Minister, Israel

“Parents who need to run their households and take care of all their children find their energies sapped by their child with special needs who requires inordinate care and attention. Such families often find themselves on the verge of collapse…Project Refuah was established to bring relief to these families. The joy and relief of these parents when their children go away is enormous. Project Refuah opens its doors to children from all types of backgrounds and from throughout the country.”

Dr. Shlomo Elyashar,

Senior Vice President of the Welfare Ministry’s Rehabilitation Services

“Project Refuah has been conducting respite programs for many years for children and adults with developmental disabilities, various syndromes, autism etc. The pinnacle of their activities is the Respite Hotel which allows children to sleepover-a tremendous help for families…”

Mr. Sar Shalom Djerbi,

Director of National Civilian Service Administration

“I am acquainted with thousands of volunteers as part of the National Service framework, but I am simply astounded by Project Refuah’s activities and their volunteers dedication. I made the effort to visit them in the middle of Pesach in order to experience the brighter side of the Jewish nation. It was moving to observe the grand welcome. Hundreds of kids entered the gates of the campus and were received with love and joy, yet with systematic orderliness.”

Mr. Aryeh Shemesh,

National Supervisor of Welfare Ministry

“Your activities are extraordinary and I”m happy to see so many amazing things all being done by one organization. Children with all types of problems and disabilities are treated to professional enrichment programs. I must tell you that when I visit others, I use you as a role model for quality services.”

Mrs. Vivian Ezran,

Director of Welfare Ministry”s Public Services

“Project Refuah is approved by the Welfare Ministry’s Department of People with Disabilities. Its services are provided with professionalism, devotion and dignity”.

Mr. Greg Masel,

Director General of Keren Hayesod

“You’re always smiling, always organizing things. From a Keren Hayesod perspective, it”s been a pleasure to partner with you. The building (Respite Home) is magnificent; the foundations strong, the painting lovely, but what I was most impressed with is that the walls are already dirty which means this building is full of children. A building is not a building if it does not have life in it.”

Rabbi Chananya Chollak,

Chairman of Ezer Mizion

“As known I head Ezer Mizion. I came here because I hear from dozens of families what you do for them. I didnt dream to what extent until I came here today. I want to point out that more than what you give these kids and their families and I really admire it you and your families also gain from this, especially those families who host the children in their homes.”

Rabbi Elimelech Firer,

Renowned Medical Consultant

“I often meet these parents from a medical perspective, when their child has to undergo a surgery or treatment. I must tell you that without your constant help, many families would collapse under the burden.”

Mr. Yona Yahav,

Mayor of Haifa

“I want to thank you for hosting me at your extraordinary camp. I noticed the volunteers incredible dedication and the children’s happiness and enjoyment was evident on their faces. Your activities have captured my heart and I encourage you to keep growing your sacred work so that you can continue bringing respite and assistance to so many families.”

Mr. Moshe Abutbul,

Mayor of Beit Shemesh

“The residents of this city benefit from the excellent work that Project Refuah does on behalf of youths and adults with special needs. They work with professionalism, dedication and in close cooperation with the City”s Welfare Department. I applaud the staff and volunteers of this organization for their amazing work and for embodying the meaning of true giving.”


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