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Board of Directors – International

Board of Directors:

Mr. Shlomo Werdiger,

NY – Founder & Chairman


Board Members:

Mr. Abraham Greenstein, NY

Mr. Chanoch Lubling, NY


Honorary Board Members:

Mr. Mendy Berger, Chicago

Mr. Abe Mordowitz, NY

Rabbi Yitzchak Shkop, Chicago



Leibel Joskowitz, CEO


Administrative Staff:

Shmuel Gelkopf

Administrative Director

Nathan Kubicek, Deputy

Director of Resource Development

Yosef Schneider

Chief Financial Officer

Shmuel Kein

PA to Executive Director

Yocheved Gottesman

Director of Public Relations

Tzvi Taub

Office Manager

Yochi Rosenbaum


Sara Shapiro


Chana Penzer

U.S. Coordinator


Respite Care Program Staff:

Aryeh Rabinowitz

Director of Respite Care Program

Chana Pazensevky


Dovid Rottenberg

Director of Bnei Brak Respite Hotel

Avigdor Levi

Director of Jerusalem Respite Hotel

Yisrael Tifenbron

Director of Logistics

Ayala Hamburger

Director of Afternoon Clubs – Ashdod

Yona Kalikstein

Director of Afternoon Clubs – Jerusalem

Meir Arera

Volunteers Coordinator


Medical Support Staff:

Zusman Teitel

Medical Consultant

Shlomo Drenger

Medical Consultant

Shimon Lichtshein

Medical Consultant

Yitzchak Pshigorsky

Director of Medical Equipment Loaning



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