Leil Seder

Children began arriving at the Bnei Brak Respite Home early on Erev Yom Tov; heady anticipation created a joyous atmosphere as the final preparations for Yom Tov were put into place. A kindhearted family led the Seder, ably assisted by the many volunteers, giving the participants the priceless taste of home while adapting the Seder to their special needs. The children slept over and went to Shul and had activities the next day, providing parents with a full day of much-needed respite.

Chol Hamoed at Camp Werdiger

Camp Werdiger, Chol Hamoed – those four words induce joy in the hearts and minds of so many children (and their parents, and their siblings!). Joining together in the Jerusalem Respite Home, the children renewed the friendships that they forged at the Succos Chol Hamoed Camp Werdiger, which kept their spirits warm through the whole winter. Now, camp once again revives them, with whispers of spring and renewal. There were stimulating programs all day, every day, with special features such as an eagerly awaited magic show, and a grand sing-and-dance party which is a signature event at all of Project Refuah’s programs.

Project Refuah