There’s no denying that the weeks before Pesach are hectic.  There’s a myriad of tasks to attend to, and the to-do lists seems to never end.  And, as the “deadlines” of Bedikas Chometz and Erev Pesach rapidly approach, the kids finish school and start their Pesach vacation.

Now, having the kids at home could be a headache for any parent.  But for the parents of children with special needs, it’s a headache that often turns into a nightmare.  Their child needs round-the-clock supervision, or she might not understand boundaries and could innocently, unknowingly overturn the carefully imposed order of a room cleaned for Pesach or a closet stacked with Kosher l’Pesach wine, matzos, and food products.  Envision the parents’ horror as they see their work or financial resources strained again.

Enter Project Refuah with the answer, once again.  We invited parents to send their children with special needs on two separate pre-Pesach trips, one for boys and one for girls.  Knowing their children were safely and happily occupied all day, parents spent the day peacefully running errands, crossing off more and more items of their lists.  As one mother said with an audible sigh of relief, “I can’t wait for Thursday, I’ll finally accomplish.”

Project Refuah