Programs that heal
Some of the familywide programs and events

Weekend & Holiday Retreats

Chol hamoed means a 3-day sleepaway camp with fun activities, entertainment, games and art. Once every 2 months we also indulge an average of 100 kids in a full Shabbaton retreat.

Summer & Day Camps

For seasonal camp, Project Refuah rents a large campus where approximately 300 children enjoy concerts, magic shows, bake class, jumping castles, and many more recreational activities.

Respite Homes

Open to parent demand at any time, our respite homes offer single nights and extended stays as needed. Our Bnei Brak location sleeps 32 (16 kids, 16 staff), while our Jerusalem home has 48 beds (24/24).

Afternoon Clubs

On Fridays and Shabbos afternoon, Project Refuah’s volunteers show up to collect 300-400 children from their homes. We bus them to a local school for fun crafts, games, and group activities.

Shabbos Hosts

Extending Project Refuah facilities into the personal space, as many as 100 volunteer families host a child or multiple children in their homes for Shabbos, providing a fitting environment for their needs.

Bar Mitzvah Celebrations

Boys with special needs are celebrated at traditional and nontraditional events planned to suit each family’s preferences. Group bar mitzvahs include music, singing, food, and decorations.

Tour our respite homes

Special places for special families


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Bnei Brak

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