Pesach is rapidly approaching.

The house stands ready, sparkling and polished in anticipation of the coming holiday. Labels indicating which closets and cabinets are to be sold wait to be applied, handmade shemurah matzos are already in place and ready for Seder night.
Suddenly, a curious little hand reaches for the box of hand matzos, wondering what is hidden there. Is it a special treat?

And in a moment, the matzos are no longer whole and chametz-free, but broken and crumbling in the kitchen, and one small child is amidst the panic with a happy smile on her face. The happiness quickly fades and shock and alarm registers, but she is confused – what has she done wrong? Why is no one enjoying the activity with her?

Raising a special child without outside help is an impossible task. Project Refuah, with the help of its dedicated volunteers, gives strength to families every day. And before Pesach, when the tension and pressure mounts in every Jewish home, we step in full-force to be there for our families.

This year, our programs in Israel include a special Shabbos Hagadol Shabbaton, a Yom Tov Leil Seder overnight at each of our respite homes, and full-day programs in the days leading up to the holiday and Chol Hamoed. The amount of children attending our programs in overwhelming, matched only by the gratitude of their parents and siblings.

See the joy for yourself, in the gallery below.










Project Refuah